Making Elsa and Anna Doll cakes

Here is how I made the princess doll cakes.  Disclaimer: this does not mean this is the best way or that this will work for you! It’s just what worked for me, so I thought I would share in case anyone wants to make one.

You will need:

8″ pans

oven safe bowl close to the size of 8″ pan

2″ round cookie cutter


saran wrap




Start by baking 3 8″ layers, or 2 if you make really thick layers.  Using an oven safe bowl, bake a dome shaped cake. I lowered the temperature of my oven and baked it longer so the center was done.

Cut a hole through the middle of your cake.  The cake will be taller than the cutter so you have to wiggle it through.



You will have yummy cake to eat 🙂 Put a layer of buttercream between each layer and stack them up making the bowl last.  You will have to carve the layer under the bowl to make it flow.




I had to put it in the freezer at this point because my cake was so fresh it just crumbled! But freezing it about 30 minutes helped hold it together.



Then ice the whole thing, leaving the hole of course.



I wrapped my dolls’ legs in Saran Wrap so they didn’t touch the cake.  Put the fondant on, then put the dolls carefully in the cake.  You have to make some kind of fondant piece to cover the waist.


Elsa as was naked on top so I had to make her a fondant dress!





After smoothing the fondant on Anna’s dress I used Royal icing to pipe the pattern.




Have fun! Let me know what you think of my first tutorial 🙂





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